About me

22. Amalia Sabiescu

Research Associate, Institute for Media and Creative Industries at Loughborough University in London

I am a researcher interested in exploring change and innovation in contemporary societies, chiefly as a result of information and communication technologies (ICTs) advances.

My research looks at how ICT changes the way we live and interact with each other in contemporary spaces: it explores the emergence of new patterns of social and human-computer interaction, innovation in learning and education practices, novel forms of cultural expression, ways of being together, sharing, and communicating, as well as new patterns of inclusion and exclusion through the media. I have a particular interest in research involving marginalised groups, poor communities, and minorities, where I advocate engaged, participatory research and participatory design, framed by developmental concerns and oriented towards promoting empowerment and social change. Questions of agency in technology usage, collaboration, creative engagement with digital media, and narrative forms of expression are important topics in my research, transcending disciplinary boundaries.

I have a PhD and an MSc in Communication Sciences, both from the University of Lugano, Switzerland. My PhD thesis explored the role of participatory media for voice and cultural expression in minority communities. Previously, I have held postdoc research positions at the University of Lugano, RMIT University and Coventry University.