This is a selection of research projects I have worked on, in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D), Technology-Enhanced Education and Technologies for Cultural Heritage Communication.

2014-2015 | Senior Research Assistant, School of Media and Performing Arts, Coventry University

Project: Renewal, Innovation and Change, Heritage and European Society (RICHES), funded by the EC under FP7

Purpose: Investigate the role of cultural heritage for European social and economic development, with a focus on the potential and impacts of ICT. Learn more 

Partners: Coventry University (UK), City of Rostock (GE), National Museum of Ethnography -RMV Leiden (NE), WAAG Society (NE), Exeter University (UK), Promoter Srl (IT), i2CAT (SP), University of Southern Denmark (DE), Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation – SPK (GE), Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism (TU)

PI: Prof. Neil Forbes (Coventry University)


2014-present | Audience and user researcher, The British Museum

Project: Multimedia Guide Redesign

Purpose: Redesign the British Museum’s multimedia guide, conduct audience and user research to inform design.

Product Manager: Shelley Mannion  


 2012-13 | Researcher, New Media in Education (NewMinE Lab), Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Switzerland

Project: Measuring E-Learning Impact in primary Schools in South African disadvantaged areas, extension phase (MELISSA-X), funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation and the Swiss National Science Foundation

Purpose: Investigate the impact of ICT training on attitudes towards technology and perceived teacher and computer self-efficacy among pre-service teachers in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Learn more 

Partners: University of Cape Town (UCT) and Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), South Africa

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Cantoni (USI) and Prof. Wallace Chigona (UCT)


2009-13 | Doctoral researcher, Technology-Enhanced Communication Laboratory (TEC-Lab), USI

Project: Romani Voices

Purpose: Doctoral study that investigated the potential of ICTs for supporting collective practices of knowledge production and communication in minority communities, with a focus on the Roma minority. Learn more about the project or visit the two community websites produced within.

Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Paolini, TEC-Lab, USI


 2011-13 | Researcher, TEC-Lab, USI

Project: Activité Narrative Instrumentée (ANI), funded by Partenariat Hubert Curien (PHC) Germaine de Staël, Switzerland

Purpose: Investigate the impact of digital story telling and story authoring on children’s cognitive and social development. Learn more

Partner: C3U – Laboratoire Paragraphe, University Paris 8

Coordinators: Prof. Paolo Paolini (USI) and Prof. Françoise Decortis (UP8)


2009-11 | Research assistant, TEC-Lab, USI

Project: Digital-Based Narrative Activities in a Formal Educational Setting, internal funding

Purpose: Longitudinal study investigating the role of ICTs, in particular narrative technologies, in enhancing children’s narrative and social interaction skills. The project was carried out with primary and secondary school classes in a Swiss school.

Coordinator: Dr. Elisa Rubegni


2009-10 | Research assistant, TEC-Lab, USI

Project: Digital Media in Higher Education, internal funding (2009-2010)

Purpose: Investigate the role of direct engagement with digital technology in content production for increasing students’ interest in, understanding, and recall of educational subject matter. Learn more

Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Paolini


2008 | Research assistant, TEC-Lab USI

Project: DAC/LAC Design of multimedia applications and Visitor Studies, funded by Polo Culturale and Città di Lugano, Lugano, Switzerland

Purpose: Design of multimedia applications for multiple platforms including mobile and hand-held devices. Investigated the impact of digital technology on learning in museums. Case study: “Enigma Helvetia” exhibition at the art museums of Lugano (DAC, LAC).

Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Paolini


2006-08 | Research assistant, TEC-Lab, USI

Project: Hermann Hesse Editorial Series – pilot, internal funding

Purpose: Investigate the role of digital media in enhancing appeal and understanding of cultural content. Oriented toward the production of multimedia narratives for varied platforms (web, mobile). Case study: Exhibition Hermann Hesse e il Monte Verità at the Museum Hermann Hesse, Montagnola, Switzerland. Browse Seekers of truth, the multimedia storytelling artefact produced as part of the project.

Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Paolini


2005-06 | Research collaborator, TEC-Lab, USI

Project: Marketing Activities for the Promotion of Syrian Cultural Heritage, Directorate of Museum and Antiquities, Syrian Arab Republic (MAPS), funded by the European Commission – EU Cultural Tourism Development Program

Purpose: Design of an integrated communication strategy for promoting tourism in Syria, with a focus on online media.

Partner: Polytechnic of Milan

Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Paolini


2005 | Research collaborator, TEC-Lab, USI

Project: Bramantino, funded by  Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, Milan

Purpose: Development of a multimedia storytelling application for promoting the exhibition about the Renaissance Italian painter Bramantino. See the multimedia storytelling artefact

Partner: Hypermedia Open Center Laboratory, Polytechnic of Milan

Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Paolini